Research & Understand

Mostly I get involved early on, when a project is just emerging. Clients often ask: We have an idea – how do we validate it? Part of my job is to challenge assumptions, broaden the horizon, narrow things down again to help get the project off the ground. In this role of UX consultant & strategist I do (or help to):

  • Run workshops to define opportunities, scope, vision of an end-to-end software product
  • Research user & stakeholder/business needs
  • Define focus areas and product value propositions, enabling management decisions
  • Create roadmaps and KPIs to keep efforts on track and focused on meaningful outcomes
  • Typical methods: product discovery, event storming, value proposition mapping, stakeholder & user scenario mappings, jobs to be done.

Design & ‚Own‘ a Product

I love to build human-centric products and services that help solve real problems. Understanding user and stakeholder needs is a good start for a clear product vision and outcomes to follow to get people aligned on a shared goal. In this role of UX designer or (proxy) product owner I do (or help to):

  • (Co-)create the product outline: user flows, scribbles, wireframes, designs and prototypes
  • Validate solutions through usability tests
  • Consolidate UX, UI & frontend design in a living design system
  • Own a product in multidisciplinary teams to deliver fast, quality results
  • Tightly collaborate with all stakeholders and the entire team
  • Typical methods: Design sprints, journey mapping, user story mapping, agile rituals

Enable UX Leadership

A driving force is to enable people to walk on own their own feet rather than execute for them. I enjoy teaching the tools and methods that have been valuable on my journey. In this role of UX trainer & mentor I do:

  • Lead trainings in UX, Agile and Service Design methods for UX teams, managers or other interested product-people
  • Help product teams and management better understand the benefits of agile/lean UX and a fast-learning work environment
  • Typical formats: UX Trainings for teams on methods & design process, mentoring UX & product managers & executives individually 

I’ve worked across all kinds of industries, from B2C marketing & communication campaigns to media and retail. My focus was in B2B/E2E products in the last 10 years. Here are the main skills & solutions I developed for these industries:

Digital Health: Product discovery, platform & content strategy, UX design, accessible design sytems.

Banking & Fin Tech: Content & digital brand strategy, product disocvery & vision, user research, optimizing UX of core corporate banking processes.

Industry & Manufacturing: UX & usability of data-driven industry 4.0/IoT products, e.g. automatisation & predictive maintenance. 

Automotive: B2B: Platform strategy, user journey & touchpoint design, customer portal relaunch, UX optimization of core applications like car configurators and used car searches, eCRM strategy. E2E: Prototyping smarter toolset for planning & steering production personel.

Travel & Tourism: Overall booking platform design for a large-scale online travel agency, booking flow optimization.

Retail: Overall ecommerce platform design, content & eCRM strategy, checkout optimization.


What’s the problem to be solved?

Let’s talk about your project. Or drop me a line for my portfolio.
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