My academic background is analyzing and making sense of complex structures. With a M.A. degree in Comparative Literature & Philosophy, I guess it’s pretty clear why I ended up building deep tech tools, right? šŸ™ƒ

I’ve been in the digital industry for more than 20 years now. On my journey I learnt a couple of things that go beyond building smart products. My senior practice has been strongly influenced by the agile manifesto, sytemic thinking, leadership through clear alignment and driving an eye-to-eye stakeholder relationship. All of this has strongly shaped my beliefs:



  • A good product comes from a good team: The product quality is almost always a reflection of the team culture and attitude (and ultimately of the organisation) behind it.
  • Ask for the 3 W’s:Ā What is the problem to be solved? For whom do we solve it? And why does it need solving? If you get thorough answers at the start, you’llĀ  save a whole lot of time & money in the end.
  • Speak the language of those who you build for: Human-centered goes both ways: stakeholders have their own needs. Ignore them, and your best ideas go awry.
  • Agile is a mindset: Learning means trying, ‚adapt and inspect‘ is the only way to move forward in complex situations.
  • It’s systemic, baby: A project idea/initiative can be crazy good – if there’s an elephant in the room and you don’t discuss it, the best idea won’t make it.


Job Milestones

2021-23 – Senior UX consultant, UX&I Berlin
2016 – Co-Founder & Partner SPARK DIGITAL, Berlin
2013-15 – Executive Creative Director, Aperto/IBM iX Berlin
2007-08 – UX Director Neue Digitale Berlin
2003 – Started freelancing as UX designer
2000 – First steps as concept developer, working in cross-functional teams



2021 – UX Thinking (UX&I/Artop)Ā 
2021 – Product Field (1-day training), Wolfgang Wopperer-BeholzĀ 
2017 – Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Scrum Alliance
2012 – Creative Leadership, Institute of Creative Leadership, Berlin


Don’t be shy!

I am happy to share my portfolio with you.

Drop me a line: post@nikolausstemmer.de

Say hi: +49 179 5302843

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